Balearic families spend €28,753 each in 2014

AVERAGE SPEND: In the Balearics is more than the average for Spain.

FAMILIES in the Balearic Islands spent an average €28,753 throughout 2014.

This is more than the average for Spain (€27,038) making the region’s expenditure the fifth highest with the Basque Country leading the way with €31,829, and Extremadura at the opposite end of the scale, with €23,036.

However, according to the Balearic Department for Social Services and Cooperation, in 2014, 32,722 families on the islands had to request help from their local social services departments and charities to request help, in many cases financial.


More than 22,000 of the families were in Mallorca. The number of requests for help dealt with in 2014 was 20.75 per cent higher than the previous year and in 2015 the figure is expected to rise again.

Meanwhile, the Balearic Government has announced that €72,000 will be destined this year to help young pregnant women and young families with no income.

The money will go to social services which have centres and carry out activities to help such groups.


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