A happy ending for Naif the dog


NAIF, the dog whose plight Euro Weekly News highlighted in a previous issue, has just found a loving home.

He was tied to a lamppost by his neck and legs and then stabbed in the back of the neck with a knife, He will be moving to Madrid with Chus and her loving family, who already have a dog and two cats.

When she heard Naif’s story and what the dog had been through it broke her heart and she did her best to adopt him.

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Without letting go of her new pet, Chus stated: “Naif’s story broke my heart and I decided I wanted to be his mum. I feel very fortunate that life has let me be by his side.”

From the moment Chus and Naif met they clicked and it was a very emotional experience to see him leave the animal shelter El Refugio.

The owner of the shelter, Nacho Paunero, said that it was a “beautiful experience seeing how Naif had adapted only a few days after he had been through such a horrible experience.”


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