Subway attract the whole family for great value for money eating out

SUBWAY: Most combinations include lots of salad with healthy dressings.

Some say a Subway meal goes a long way, and how true that is, as now this company is in 110 countries around the world, which leads us to believe that this jewel of a sandwich restaurant has got the formula right.

The company evolved from America in 1965 when a young 17-year-old boy named Fred DeLuca wanted to earn money to pay for his university fees. A family friend, Doctor Peter Buck had an idea to open a sandwich shop, and together with Fred, they began to make the dream a reality. Today Subway is a household name globally.

The Subway outlet in Benidorm is also busy serving up some very creative combinations with their sandwich fillings, and it is also good to know that healthier ingredients are high on their list of priorities.


Subway restaurants take great care to use ingredients that are lower in saturated fats and also reduced in salt. Most combinations include lots of salad incorporating healthy dressings to keep the taste buds flowing.

With decades of experience and knowledge of good food behind them, Subway is a way of life to many. With glowing reviews that are placed high above other fast food companies, Subway attract the whole family for great value for money eating out. Some reviews praise the clean and efficient service that you receive that is experienced group wide. Other reviews state that the good value for money menu allows you to eat there every day should you wish. The plain sandwich has come a long way since the 60’s.



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