Sakurai Japanese Sushi restaurant

ELEGANT AND CLASSY: The perfect place for relaxation.

IMAGINE eating fresh fish right beside the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea where you can watch the world go by and still be sitting in the most wonderful surroundings of traditional Japanese decor.

This is Sakurai, a place where relaxation and elegance can be found as the ambience just oozes with Karma and class.

If you love Sushi, then this is the restaurant for you, as the menu offers some of the most creative combinations such as avocado and prawn roll, soft shell crab, California tobico roll, salmon, tuna, and many others to tempt you. Sakurai also offer a Teppanyaki Show where the creative chefs display their culinary skills at the table that will leave you mesmerised.

To eat here is a wonderful dining experience and this venue is perfect for inviting friends or family along as you can enjoy a Sushi banquet on the spacious tables, or enjoy an intimate dinner for two inside or out on the terrace. What also is very pleasant about Sakurai is the whole presentation of each dish, the mixtures of colour and finishing touch beckons anyone with a camera in hand. Those who have already eaten at Sakurai have passed the word around that this restaurant serves up the best Sushi, many reviews praise the excellent service and the lovely atmosphere.

With a five star rating on many reviews Sakurai has now become the place to meet, eat, and enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine. Sakurai is on the Paseao Maritimo, Torre del Mar. Open 12.00pm to 4.00pm and 6.30pm to 12.00 midnight.

For reservations call 952 542 115.


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