Playa Babilonia closed down

Flickr, Héctor Rodríguez

A 640-METRE stretch of Guardamar del Segura’s Babilonia beach has been cordoned off and shut down.

The beach’s entrance displays a sign which reads “keep out” and explains that the area has been found to be “dangerous for swimming and walking.”

The town council closed down the beach on Monday (August 31), following the results of several technical studies which considered the area dangerous due to the several homes in ruins, the poor condition of the pavements and the existence of several ripraps – makeshift breakwaters – made up with huge stones which were placed there illegally to protect homes next to the sea.


Local people have voiced their complaints as they claim closing down the beach is not the solution and have called for a complete redevelopment project.

Moments of tension were felt on Monday as many neighbours refused to have fences used to close up the area attached to their façades.

On behalf of the town council, Beach Councillor Ana Martinez said that the decision had been taken to maintain safety in beach areas. The local government is to ask the regional coastal department to remove all dangerous elements from the area.


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