Illegal goods seized in Palma

Policia Local Ajuntament de Palma

PALMA Local Police seized 600 bootleg items from three beachfront shops.

The police were alerted by a passerby that forged brand name goods were being sold.

Once this was confirmed, the shop owners were charged with crimes against industrial property.

Meanwhile, Palma City Hall has announced that it will offer training courses for ‘looky-looky’ men to make it easier for them to get a legal job.

The councillors for Citizen Safety, Angelica Pastor, and for the Palma Beach district, Llorenç Carrio, met with illegal, itinerant salesmen, as well as police and members of Catholic charity Caritas. It was suggested that agreements could be reached with local businesses to offer them work.

They were reminded that what they do is illegal and asked to avoid confrontation with the police who are only doing their job. They were also reminded that it is illegal for children under 18 to be offering services such as hair braiding on the seafront promenade.


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