Spain may agree to accept more refugees

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JUST a few days before David Cameron visits to discuss the EU, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has indicated that renegotiation on the number of refugees the country can accept might be possible, subject to certain criteria.

In late July the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, had announced that Spain was prepared to accept 2,739 people who are fleeing persecution.

Mr Rajoy said in Berlin: “We have always been flexible. We are prepared to return and talk about the matter, and there are things we can modify, however there are three things that the European Commission must do.”

He went on to explain that his government would look for Greece and Italy to construct reception centres for migrants and refugees whist complying with EU agreements. In addition he wants to see a single European policy on asylum and thirdly a global regulation on migration. In order to be workable any plan must be “just and equitable.”

The Spanish prime minister indicated that perhaps GDP would be a good starting point, taking into account a country’s unemployment rate and migratory pressure caused by location.



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