Man enters Ceuta under car bonnet, next to engine


POLICE in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta stopped a Mercedes car on Sunday August 30 near the border with Morocco and discovered two men, one hidden under the back seat of the car and one amazingly curled up under the bonnet, next to the engine.

The two men, said to be from the African country of Guinea, were given first aid as they were suffering from lack of oxygen although it is not known how long the man in the engine compartment had been breathing in fumes from the engine. 

Fences have been constructed around the borders of Ceuta in order to discourage illegal entry into what is Spanish and therefore EU territory, so this has led to some dangerous and extreme methods of attempted entry. 

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Only last month, a Moroccan man suffocated to death in a suitcase after his brother tried to smuggle him to mainland Spain aboard a ferry from Melilla.



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