Glute workout: Your bottom is for more than just sitting on!


THE butt, backside, booty, junk in the trunk, glutes, and here is my favourite –“THE DERRIÉRE”

Whatever you choose to call it, we all own one but did you know that it is the largest and in my book the most important muscle that you possess? Unfortunately it is also often the most neglected and under used, as many do not understand the complexities of the human body and how it depends heavily on the glutes to provide full structural support to the back, hips and knees.

If you thought your bottom was just for sitting on…THINK AGAIN!


Keeping your glutes strong through specific lower body exercises will help ward off all sorts of problems, back pain, and knee problems to name a few.

Regular runner’s take note: WEAK GLUTES WILL HINDER YOUR RUNNING PROGRESS, if you are not combining a strength training programme with your sessions.

I have met many a runner with specific issues hindering their running, performance. Once I put a glute/leg training programme in place they found that they were better able to perform their runs without the crucial glute muscles fatiguing, thus not causing other muscles to be over used and avoiding muscle damage and pain.

Do You Have A Sedentary Job?

Even if you regularly go to a gym, your glutes are simply not being activated for the majority of your day. You really need to make a conscious effort to incorporate some specific glute work into your workout programme.


Basic Body Weight Exercises For Stronger Glutes:

  • Squats, two x sets 40 reps
  • Lunges, one x set each 30 reps
  • Mat – Glute Bridge Single Leg Lifts, one x set each 25 reps
  • Mat – Single Leg Kick Backs, two x sets each 25 reps


PS: I see nothing more attractive on a man or woman than a firm, rounded, toned derriere…



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