Cruise ships to dock in Motril in autumn

Flickr by daniyal62

MOTRIL port will have to wait a little longer to receive cruise ships.

Cruise companies’ change of itinerary has delayed the arrival of ships in Motril, which is expected to receive more of these humongous boats by autumn, as opposed to what has been traditional over the past few seasons, when the periods of the highest influx was registered during spring.

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According to the information released by the Motril Port authorities, the Nieuw Amsterdam is to arrive in Motril in October with 2,106 passengers. Last year, this same boat graced the coast of the town in April.

Other giant ships such as as the Ocean Princess, the Minerva and Saga Pearl II amongst others will also arrive between October and November, and are expected to bring at least 4,000 passengers to the town.

Despite the change of dates, it is expected that the total number of visitors that arrive in the town aboard cruise ships this year will be similar to those registered in 2014.


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