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CAMBRIDGE global payments offer solutions for anyone that has a need to send money from one currency to another, whether you need to transfer a large sum or small, each client is treated equally and afforded the same level of service, ensuring every client is offered an exceptional level of service and receives the best value for their money.

For those clients that need to send over smaller sums of money, whether on a regular basis or just as and when required, we have solutions to suit all.  Below is a brief description of just some of the services we offer.

SIX OR 12 MONTHS FIXED EXCHANGE RATES – this solution is for those clients who wish to have the security of knowing exactly how much money they will receive each month, regardless of what happens with the exchange rates, you will receive the same amount in your account each month for the duration of your agreement, giving the peace of mind needed to plan ahead.

VARIABLE RATE REGULAR TRANSFER – This is an ongoing agreement whereby we will transfer the amount our clients request each month, but it will fluctuate along with market conditions. This allows clients to take advantage of the exchange rate moving in their favour, but it also does run the risk of the value of their money going down should the exchange move in a negative direction.

DRAW DOWN – This agreement is based over six or 12 months and similar to the fixed forward, except rather than have a set amount taken from their bank accounts each month, we will secure the amount of funds that they wish to secure a rate on, for example, if a client has a pension of £500 per month and wants to secure the whole year, then we would fix the rate of exchange to £6,000 (12 months x £500). Then the client can take as much as they need until such a time they have drawn down all the funds secured, then they can either enter a new agreement or choose another solution should they wish to.

ADHOC SPOT PAYMENTS – This is for those that do not wish to commit to a monthly agreement and just to let the funds build in their own accounts, and then transfer either when they need to, or when they see a rate of exchange that they do not want to miss out on. There are no minimum amount or maximum amounts for this service.

These are just a few options available to our clients, but as always, our service is completely adaptable to each individual.  Should you not see something here that fits your needs, then simply give Cambridge a call, send an email and let us see what we can do, or if you would rather, come and see us in our office or arrange an appointment in the comfort of your own home.

Find out what makes us different from the rest, and why we are providing a real alternative, it costs nothing to ask but could save you a lot of money in the long run.


Chris Wakeling
Regional Sales Manager

T: +34 965 327 093
F: +34 965 328 314
E: [email protected]


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