Assistance with pre-owned residential mobile homes

MOBILE HOME: We can help you sell.

TUMOBILHOME Spain SL, is an English owned and run company, and is now Spain’s largest dealer of pre-owned residential mobile homes as well as being a manufacturer of new mobile homes.

The company buys, sells, transports and stores residential specification mobile homes throughout Spain and Portugal.

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The company specialises in helping vendors who have been unable to sell due to difficult market conditions and circumstances now dictate they must bring the sale of their unit to a successful conclusion.

To make the whole sales process run smoothly and easily, Tumobilhome Spain SL offers free legal advice to inform vendors of their rights here in Spain with their own in-house lawyer. Clients who are having difficulties with site owners and unreasonable rental contracts can then make a more informed choice.

Regrettably some of the site owners they have dealt with in the past have taken advantage of the vendors’ inability to speak the language and a lack of understanding of the law. As Spanish speakers and with expert advice, they are there to redress the balance and help.

The company can arrange all aspects of a mobile home purchase and sale such as the removal, disconnection, plot preparation and/or clearance as well as furniture removal both locally and internationally.

As you would expect Tumobilhome Spain SL is a professional outfit, meaning the company has a fully legal and insured team of contractors. And to further put your mind at ease, when they buy a mobile home they pay for it before it is removed, either in cash or by bank transfer.

Call us on is 616 250 727 or our UK number 01482 429718 for a free and no obligation discussion or email [email protected]


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