Neighbours’ patience snaps in La Boatella

© Photo by Asociación de Vecinos La Boatella
TOO MUCH: Local residents document the behaviour of a tourist in an illegally rented flat.

VALENCIA CITY’S Local Police opened proceedings against the alleged owners of irregularly-rented tourist apartments.

Two properties were closed following an inspection prompted by complaints from the La Boatella residents’ association. One owner also faces prosecution for an illegal connection to the electricity supply and misuse of shared services.

Both apartments were advertised on internet websites and neither was registered, the police found. The Boatella association criticised the absence of a register to control the hundreds of tourist apartments offered in the city and hoped that reporting the irregular situation would serve as a warning to others.

“Now we can sleep without putting up with parties late into the night, shouting in the early hours and having to tolerate nudity,” said satisfied residents. “The perpetual tension, uproar, noise and dirt are turning the city’s old quarter into a theme park,” the Boatella association complained.

Restoration in the city’s Velluters district has also centred on tourist apartments, said Maria Jose Volta. She is president of the El Palleter residents’ association which intends to follow the Boatella association’s example by handing in a list of irregularly-rented apartments to the Local Police.  


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