Dog needs treatment after nasty discovery Almadrabillas beach

© Flickr by Georgie Pauwels.
NOSE FOR TROUBLE: Pan the dog touched the creature with his nose, suffering a shock.

A DOG suffered a strong allergic reaction at the Almadrabillas beach in Almeria after touching what looked like a giant leech. 

According to the dog’s owner Francisco Rodriguez, at around 1pm on Thursday (August 27), the creature was found submerged around 20 centimetres in the water, near the shore. 

Mr Rodriguez noticed that his dog, Pan, received a kind of a shock after touching the animal with his nose and decided to retrieve it from the water as there were children bathing and it could have represented a hazard for them. 


The giant ‘leech’, which was about 30 centimetres long, did not react to touch and did not move, so Mr Rodriguez believes it could have been the tentacle of a bigger sea creature. 

Pan was later taken to the vet to receive treatment for the allergic reaction. 



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