Cuellár festival sees 12th bull-run fatality of summer

© By Rastrojo (D•ES), Wikimedia Commons

A MAN was killed by a bull in Cuellár, near Segovia, at what’s believed to be the oldest bull run in Spain. The man, in his 60s, died instantly when a bull charged and caught him in the chest on Sunday (August 30). 

The victim, a visitor to the town from the Basque Country, became the 12th person to die in this summer’s season of bull runs in Spain. It’s the highest number of fatalities in a season for 15 years.

The running of the bulls in Cuellár continued on Monday without injuries, although three bulls escaped from their enclosure. The festival dates back to at least 1215, when a request was made to forbid priests from running with the bulls, although it’s believed to have its origins in pagan customs before the arrival of Christianity.



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