Ciudadanos member accused of threatening Las Tres Villas mayor with baseball bat


SEEMS like political rivalry in Las Tres Villas has moved beyond the plenary session hall and into the streets. Mayor of the town, Virtudes Perez (PSOE), has issued an official report before the police against a member of party Ciudadanos, alleging that the latter attempted to attack her with a baseball bat during the patron saint festivities in Ocaña. 

Members of the PSOE party explained that as a preventive measure, a 50-metre restraining order against the alleged attacker has been issued and he will not be able to contact the mayor before the trial takes place, scheduled for September 15. 

The events took place on August 20 at around 4pm when, according to the mayor, she was coming back home together with her mother after a concert. She claims that the suspect, Joaquin Lopez, emerged from a door brandishing what appeared to be a baseball bat and uttered a threatening phrase. Both woman ran away and contacted the Guardia Civil upon their arrival at their home. 

The alleged attacker, meanwhile, offered a completely different version, saying he had come back home from the festivities to collect a bag of ice and that it was the mayor’s mother who started verbally insulting him. 

He said he did not have a baseball bat either, but pointed out that he uses a cane as he suffers from a physical disability. 


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