Velez-Malaga tram undergoes repairs to get back up and running

REPAIRS NEEDED: Velez-Malaga tram lines.

VELEZ-MALAGA hopes to get its trams back in service soon. The town council is putting the finishing touches across the tram railways, which saw its service interrupted around three years ago.
The six kilometres of tracks, which connect various points in Velez-Malaga, from the train station to the San Andres Church, located in Torre del Mar, is undergoing a comprehensive series of cleaning work as well as repairs of damages.
Transport and Cleaning councillor, Marcelino Mendez-Trelles, explained that these works were being carried out by a total of six maintenance workers from the company Althenia, as the first stage before being able to determine how much money would be spent on repairs and how long it would take until the service could be resumed.
“We are currently watching for all damages and evaluating them as the infrastructure has not undergone any sort of maintenance since the service was interrupted,” said Mendez-Treslles.
Residents of the town have been asked to avoid parking their vehicles on the tracks to facilitate the workers’ activities.


  1. What a ridiculous state of affairs. Taxpayers paid for all of this infrastructure, which was left rotting for three years. Parts were stolen and the trains were sent across the world and back again. What monumental waste of money. Spain is broken; who can justify such waste?!


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