San Vicente plans to utilise banks’ empty properties

© Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons

A SAN VICENTE initiative would catalogue empty homes, generate social housing and increase town hall funds.

Manuel Martinez, spokesman for the PSOE party on the local council, suggested that the town hall ask the banks to list all empty or repossessed homes in their possession. 

These would then be included amongst the properties paying IBI rates and other municipal taxes unless the properties were made available for social housing at affordable rentals for low-income families.

At present, owing to a legal loophole the banks pay neither IBI rates nor other local taxes, Martinez pointed out.

“We hope this proposal will be well-received by other parties on the council because we all share the common denominator of assisting people and families affected by the economic crisis,” he said.


  1. what a great idea if only it worked.
    banks won’t pay or give info on what they have repossessed so everyone loses out.
    a law needs to be put in place to make them


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