Consumers claim serious problems over cars with keyless ignitions

© INSAGO / shutterstock

A NUMBER of the world’s largest car manufacturers are being sued in the US over claims that they had not shared information concerning potential dangers from vehicles that have keyless ignitions. 

Keyless ignitions let drivers start their vehicles by pushing a button on electronic fobs, rather than inserting traditional keys.

According to the suit, presented in the US District Court in Los Angeles, the toxic gas – carbon monoxide – could be emitted if drivers leave their vehicles running, particularly in garages, when they take their keys with them, under the mistaken belief that the engines will automatically shut off.


Complainants allege that there have been 13 deaths caused by this and are looking for the judge to require that the car makers concerned should install a fail-safe which would automatically turn off unattended engines. In addition, they are looking to receive damages.


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