Almeria Council hands out ashtrays to help keep beaches clean


SMOKERS have no excuse to leave cigarette ends behind across Almeria beaches as the city council has launched a campaign giving away free ashtrays, which is expected to help keep coastal areas squeaky clean.
Several council representatives had a stroll around the Villaricos beaches handing out free ashtrays to raise awareness of the importance of protecting and respecting the environment as well as supporting healthy, quality tourism. This project is part of a campaign called ‘Andalucian Paradise’.
“Even the smallest gesture, such as handing out ashtrays, can contribute to maintaining our coastal areas as a key point of tourism,” said a council representative.
Other beaches such as San Jose and Nijar will also be covered by the campaign. In total, more than 20,000 free ashtrays will be given away across Andalucian coasts.


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