Tomato battlers splat Google Street View car

© TWITTER / @JMcasany

THE Google Street View car was unceremoniously splatted by fiesta-goers at La Tomatina in El Buñol, near Valencia. 

The internet company had wanted to follow up its celebration of the food fight festival’s 70th anniversary, having already honoured the event with a Google doodle on its search engine home page, by shooting some footage of the aftermath of the tomato battle for Street View. 

But in very un-Spanish style, the car arrived a little too early, and found some revellers still hungry for ketchupy blood. They pelted the vehicle with tomatoes, before clambering onto the bonnet and roof, causing damage to windows, mirrors and Google’s all-seeing cameras.

The company has not confirmed if it will be able to use any footage from the day.



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