Ferris wheel officially inaugurated in Malaga

SC / YouTube

MALAGA’s new Ferris wheel Mirador Princess was officially inaugurated on Thursday (August 27). Situated in the city’s port, the big wheel stands 70 metres tall and now has all the opening licences in place ready to receive the general public.

The official opening ceremony was attended by the President of the Port Authority, Paulino Plata, Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, and representatives of the company Mederyt Show Services.

Although the wheel, which has 42 air conditioned cabins with a maximum capacity of eight people in each, has not yet officially opened to the public, the company has been hard at work testing the wheel and making sure everything is safe for when it is ready to open. 

The view from the attraction will give passengers a spectacular view of the city which, on a good day, will enable them to see 30 kilometres into the distance.

© Tomás Sánchez del pozo


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