Andalucia is high in public drug use list of shame

© Flickr by Unai Mateo.

ANDALUCIA sits at the top of the list in the number of people caught consuming drugs in public spaces in Spain. 

More than quarter, 26.9 per cent, of all sanctions issued in Spain for drug use in public or possession were given out in Andalucia. 

This report, part of figures released in the Annual Statistics by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, collected information from 2014, showed that Andalucia registered 44,440 sanctions, double the total for the second community on the list, the Canary Islands, with 11.5 per cent of the total number, 19,073 fines. 

Within Andalucia, Malaga was the province responsible for the biggest number of sanctions, with 17.9 per cent of the total (7,997). Almeria followed very closely with 17 per cent and 7,543 fines in total. 

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