Train driver’s union confirms strikes in September

© Toniflap / shutterstock
STALLED TALKS: High-speed train in station.

SEMAF, the Spanish train drivers’ union, has confirmed a series of 24-hour strikes on September 4, 11, 14 and 15.

The strike concerns the lack of new drivers being brought into Renfe, as the average age of a driver is now over 54 years, and an overall shortage of suitable staff.

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The union claims that an agreement was reached in May with Renfe Group management whereby they would “develop a coherent and ordered strategy which would permit a satisfactory answer to the existing serious problem in human resources and train driving personnel.”

Apart from staffing levels, there is also the question of a new wage agreement, which also appears to have stalled.

Renfe recently reported it was anticipating a return to profit in 2016.


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