More schools in Murcia to go bilingual


THE Murcia Region is starting the new school year with 31 schools joining the bilingual education programme, through the initiative promoted by the Regional Government.

The programme includes alternating classes in primary schools being taught in Spanish and English and the number of centres following the initiative is growing, with 254 schools offering bilingual education to over 35,000 students. The Regional Government hopes to have the bilingual model in place in all schools by 2020.

General Director of Educational Innovation and Attention to Diversity, Ana Millan, said: “From this course, the bilingual programme allows greater autonomy to schools when carrying out their implementation, as they can decide both the number of areas taught in English, as well as the number of hours assigned, adapting to demand.”


The new centres beginning this course with the bilingual programme in primary years have received the training necessary for its implementation during June and July. Further training will also be available.



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