Fiesta La Mercè is the highlight of Barcelona

THE DEVILS: One of the main features of the street parties.

WIDELY known by the Spanish as Barcelona’s biggest party of the year, the Fiesta La Mercè is the highlight of Barcelona’s festival calendar, held on September 24.

The event is known to have first taken place in 1902, and is designed to embody the saying goodbye to summer and its fiery reds, and the welcoming of the colours of autumn.

‘The Devils’ are one of the main features of the street parties, and are made up by special community groups that dress up and throw caution to the wind, brandishing and wielding hand held fireworks as they run through the crowded streets dressed  like devils.

Although the Fire Runs or ‘Correfoc’ are one of the highlights of the fiesta, there are thousands of other events and festivities going on in hundreds of locations across the city. Streets in all areas will be filled with events, parades, Castellers or ‘Human Towers,’ Fire-breathing dragons spraying sparkers into the crowd, a Gigantes (Giants Parade), and a spectacular Projection Show where huge buildings are transformed and draped with multicoloured images.

La Mercè has something for everyone, music, street performances, and drama, in thousands of venues across the city, for all ages and nationalities.


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