Axarquia goes Western with attractions for all the family

© Flickr by Steve Weaver.

RINCON DE LA VICTORIA sure is big enough for the Western Fair! And will take visitors back to the Old American West. 

The event is the brainchild of the town council and is to be held between August 27 and 30 in Plaza Al Andalus.

It is a pioneering event which will include attractions for audiences of all ages including a carousel, workshops, games and live theatre plays. The highlight promises to be the performance of movie stunt people who will re-enact scenes inspired on western movies including bank robberies every night, with traditional can-can dancers, salons and gunfighter duels. 

“For a few days, the centre of Rincon de la Victoria will turn into a cinema scenario to display scenes based on the old western American era, with stalls and interactive games for the whole family,” said Alina Caravaca, Festivities councillor.

“With this event we want to widen up the culture and leisure calendar of the town, during the final countdown of the summer,” said Mayor Encarnacion Anaya. 

The inauguration is to take place on August 27 at 7pm, and all events will start each day at 7pm and continue on until 1am. The complete programme of activities can be found at


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