At least 20 bodies discovered in abandoned lorry in Austria


THE bodies of at least 20 people, with estimates as high as 40 or 50, have been found in a lorry in Austria, believed to have suffocated. 

According to police reports, the partially decomposed remains were found on Thursday (August 27) in a lorry parked on the hard shoulder of the A4 motorway between Neusiedl and Parndorf. 

The refrigerated lorry, apparently abandoned since Wednesday, had Hungarian licence plates. It carries the logo of a poultry company, Hyza, although that company said it no longer owned the vehicle.

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The head of the local district police, Hans Peter Doskozil, said at least 20 bodies were inside the lorry, although the state of decomposition had made it difficult to establish a number and the toll could be as high as 40 or 50. 

He said: “The deaths already occurred some time ago. We can make no concrete assumptions about the origin or cause [of death]. We can assume, however, that they are refugees.”

The grim find was made while European leaders attended a conference in Vienna to discuss the emergency situation regarding migrants trying to make their way to Europe. 



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