All in it up to their old pal eyeballs

14TH CENTURY: Ruled by the monarchy and feudal aristocrats.

ARAB spring? Ha! The actions of Bush and Blair have turned the Middle East into a winter that could last for centuries. These two despots, in their headlong flight to seize the oil wealth of desert lands under the guise of freeing their citizens from oppression, have managed to upset a delicate balance that has endured for thousands of years.

The inhabitants of these Mid-East countries were simply not ready for so called independence. The Arab calendar is in the 14th century. If you look back to 14th century Europe you will find it ruled by the Monarchy, feudal aristocrats and religious zealots. Sound familiar? These early leaders ruled by fear and strength, many of whom committed atrocities far beyond those carried out by the likes of ISIS.

Because the majority of Europe’s inhabitants were basically simple peasants, this method of control actually worked and beneath the savage glitter of feudal Europe, countries traded and prospered. There were of course wars and uprisings, the strongest and fittest survived and subsequently continued to maintain the status quo.

Well Blair and Bush’s maraud into the Middle East changed all that. We are now reaping the harvest. We see hundreds of thousands of migrants assailing our borders; people who were probably perfectly happy carrying out their daily lives under the strict regimes of Hussein and Gadhafi. We are experiencing acts of unspeakable terror at home. Thousands of our troops have been maimed and killed, and the Middle East is in complete turmoil.

As to the Chilcot enquiry, if ever I saw a conspiracy to protect the rears of the guilty this is it. As far as I’m concerned they are all in it up to their old pal eyeballs. A series of very simple questions should have resolved this years ago. With a bit of justice, Blair should have already been behind bars for some time.
Question. ‘Mr Blair. Who told you Hussein had weapons of destruction that could be launched in 45 minutes’?
Answer. ‘Fred Flange.’ Question. ‘Mr Flange. Who told you Hussein had… etc. etc.’? Sooner or later the buck would have hit the wall. Six months at the most. Six years? Cover up.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy 
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  1. Everyone knows that Bush was an idiot and just about everyone I know has no time for Blair but don’t juust single them out.
    The Russians were there up to their elbows. Maybe not actually fighting but they were there tryng to obtain control of the same resources..
    Loads of politiciaans should be behind bars.Members of successive Isaeli governmentswere terrorists.and murderers they should be behind bars also.
    Putin is suspected of ordering numrous killings. Maybe he should also be behind bars.

    And so it goes on.Blair and Bush were politicians and personnally I believe all politicians are tarred with the same brush.
    Today one of this lot was given a peerage despite the fact he fiddled his expenses and had the moat around his residence cleaned.
    Take Cammeron and his crowd. They remind me of first world war generals. Remember the ”we’re all in this togethef” speech’ on the announcement of austerity measures. Easy words when you can dine on fine foods and wines while some people are having to rely on food banks
    People go on about dole scroungers..Our Members of parliiament are just as bad fiddling their more than generous expenses while enjoying subsidised food drinks in the houses of parliamment.
    The fact is todays politicians are morrally bankrupt. Most of them don’t know what a real hard days work is yet they make reference to hard working people.Hardly ant of them has ever done a real hard days work day in and day out.

  2. Oh.and by the way, do you really believe we would spent all that money fighting the Argentinians in the Falklands if the potentiial for oil had not been identified.
    The answer is no.
    Maggie had two reasons.Number one was the exploration rights and number two was to create a lot of patriotic ferver so she could win another election.

    Typical politician.

  3. Leapy, this is the best yet. Thank you for that blast of fresh air. Truth is not always palatable for some. However it remains the truth.

  4. Every time I see Blair on TV it gets my hairs on end, the man ‘along with his wife’ are an insult to the British people and I know of no other couple that have done so much to damage and destroy the UK and its safety. In his time in power he not only damaged the security of the British people for the rest of time but he also pulled down the morals of the average British person and pushed people to be greedy in the name of getting votes. This is a man who ‘I think pushed by his wife’ handed money out to people right left and centre to keep getting votes, this is the single biggest reason the UK cannot cover it’s running costs because of ‘among other things’ huge welfare costs.

    Now he makes millions in speeches, speeches he makes because of what he has done as the UK prime minister and that includes his involvement in the middle east, money he takes over the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of people including British troops and on top of that the British tax payer covers the cost of his security while he makes his millions… This man took out a mortgage for a million pound property when prime minister and the press asked how he could afford that on his earnings… now he is worth millions because of the death and war he involved the UK in, a war that is seen as not being just not only by ordinary people but by many politicians and yet here we are laughed at as this enquiry drags on and on and on. Kind of makes a lot of people wonder just who is wagging the dog.

  5. I for one would like to see Blair imprisoned for life for what he did to this country. He has done more damage to this island than any previous Prime Minister in our history.

  6. Truth can massaged and manipulated,injustice can be bought or who knows even silenced with threats or more extreme measures Dr David Kelly springs to mind.


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