Two years for Magaluf club stabbing for man who fathered prison warden’s child


A MAN who fathered a child with a prison warden while serving time in the UK has been sentenced to two years in prison for stabbing three Brits in Magaluf.

Portuguese-born Nelson Delgado, 27, knifed the victims at a bar in Punta Ballena on Halloween night, 2013, and was facing 12 years in prison. Palma court has sentenced him to two years and two months after he admitted to charges at trial.

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He was also ordered to pay €40,000 to his victims. One of them was left with mobility problems after being stabbed in the stomach, armpit, back and wrists with a seven-centimetre knife.

Delgado, who grew up in Britain, mistook the victims for people who had assaulted his brother earlier. Two other Brits accused of stabbing Delgado’s brother, including one tried last month for belonging to a drugs trafficking gang, were acquitted after the victim admitted he was not sure who had attacked him.

Delgado was locked up at Aylesbury Young Offenders Institution in 2007 for breaking into a couple’s home armed with a 10-centimetre knife.

While there he got prison officer Kelly Anne McDade, 31, pregnant. She resigned after she was caught on CCTV opening his cell door when all cell doors should have been locked for the night in August 2008.

Their child was born in February 2009, and she was jailed for 30 months in November 2009.

Delgado was transferred to another jail after the affair was exposed, and moved to Spain following his release.


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