La Herradura gears up for swim race


LA HERRADURA will host the closing events of the 16th Provincial Swimming Circuit on Sunday (August 30), accredited as the most important sports event of the summer on the Costa Tropical.

This competition is divided into five categories, with a minimum age of eight years. A 400-metre route has been prepared for the smallest swimmers, up to 12 years old, with its departure point at 10.30am at the Barranquillo area. Adult competitors will have to cover a 2,500-metre distance, and will depart from the Paña Parda quay one hour later, arriving in the area of La Caleta, next to the Chambao de Joaquin (in Punta de la Mona).

The challenge will have a maximum duration of two hours, after which any swimmers who have not completed it will be collected by support boats.

“This event is one of the most important ones in La Herradura,” said deputy mayor Juan Jose Ruiz Joya. “This year, we can count some of the most prestigious swimmers and swimming clubs in the area amongst the competitors.”


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