‘Islamic State’ arrests foil massacres in Spain and Morocco, claims government

Flickr by Ministerio del Interior 2015
File photo: National Police training.

FOURTEEN people arrested by Spanish and Moroccan authorities in connection with terrorism were planning “massacres” in the two countries, the Spanish Interior Ministry has said.

“They were aiming to mimic in Spain and Morocco the massacres carried out by Islamic State members with the intention of creating a climate of mass panic and instability,” read a government statement.

The 14 people arrested – 13 in a number of Moroccan cities and one, named as 30-year-old Abdeladim Achriia, in the Madrid suburb of San Martin de la Vega – have been accused of being Islamic State (IS) recruiters and trainers, aiming to swell the forces of the terrorist organisation.


Originally from Morocco, Achriia has been living legally in Spain for seven years, and it’s alleged he used the phone shop he managed as a base for recruitment to IS.

The latest police operation is believed to be linked to previous arrests in the Spanish north African enclave of Melilla.


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