Granada experiences crisis of violence against women


A FRENCH tourist was arrested in Almuñecar accused of attacking his wife, also French, at an apartment in which they were spending their holidays. The incident was one of four arrests in connection with gender-based violence in Granada Province in just one day.
The 41-year-old victim received medical treatment in an Almuñecar health care centre, having received several blows to her back, allegedly delivered by her husband.
The incident took place at around 2am in a property located at Paseo de Velilla.
Meanwhile in Orgiva, a 32-year-old filed an official complaint after her former partner allegedly threatened her via phone app WhatsApp. The man was also arrested near Granada.
A third case was also registered in Deifontes and the fourth in Santa Fe, where a 42-year-old woman accused her partner of physical and psychological abuse. He was then taken into custody.
These four incidents occurred last week within 24 hours, two of them in areas of the Costa Tropical.
“There is not a unique profile of a batterer: they are rich, poor, middle-class, with a university degree, uneducated, jobless or employed,” said a police officer. “They are all identified by one thing: ill-treating women for considering them inferior to men.”


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