Google honours La Tomatina festival’s 70th anniversary


GOOGLE is celebrating the 70th anniversary of one of Spain’s messiest festivals, La Tomatina in Buñol, Valencia, with an animated ‘Google doodle’ on the search engine’s home page.

Visitors have flocked to the fiesta for 70 years to joyously hurl tomatoes at one another, and the gigantic food fight got under way on Wednesday, with an estimated 150 tonnes of tomatoes ready to be flung by the 22,000 participants.

This is the third year in which visitors to the festival from outside Buñol have been charged to take part – this year €10 – a policy the town introduced in the midst of Spain’s economic crisis.

Four fifths of the tomato throwers are believed to travel from outside Spain, and as you might imagine, the clean up costs for the small town are enormous.


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