Eroded stretch of Babilonia Beach closed to avoid risks

© Flickr by Héctor Rodríguez.

DUE to the terrible state it is in, Guardamar del Segura council has announced it is going to have to fence off a 640-metre stretch of Playa Babilonia, a measure likely to upset beachside home owners.

The measure, due to be put into effect as soon as the coastal authorities approve it, aims to avoid danger caused by the terrible state erosion has caused to the beach.

Over recent years, as homeowners saw the beach practically wash away and storm waves began to hit their houses, sacks of stones and other items have been used as improvised, unauthorised breakwaters which are dangerous, the council claims.


The fence, Beaches councillor Ana Martinez reported, would close off the area between houses 47 and 197 and residents had been urged not to use their private accesses.

Sorting out the state of the beach, Martinez stressed, was down to the coastal authorities and although she understood residents would be upset she said safety was the council’s priority.


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