Consell promises to watch over Marina Alta healthcare

DENIA HOSPITAL: Previous government outsourced the area’s state-funded primary care centres.

THE regional government intends to ensure that the Marina Alta’s privatised Health service provider fulfils its commitments.

The previous government outsourced the area’s state-funded primary care centres and Denia hospital to Marina Salud six years ago. 

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The Generalitat’s Consell or Cabinet intends eventually to recover this and other healthcare concessions in the Valencia region, Carmen Monton told Denia Mayor Vicent Grimalt during a recent meeting.

He was satisfied with initial talks, he said afterwards, repeating his intention of defending equal healthcare for all residents “with no first and second category Valencian citizens.”

During the meeting Grimalt outlined those aspects of Marina Alta healthcare that needed improving and which he linked to privatisation.

These included Denia’s often-promised second health centre, waiting lists and perennial complaints about transferring chronic patients to the La Pedrera long-stay hospital. Marina Salud has been accused of shunning Denia’s specialist centre because it is state-run and charges the concessionary company for referrals.

Monton and Grimalt also discussed the need for a Children’s Health unit, problems with emergencies and the low ratio of specialists like cardiologists and brain surgeons to patients. 

Until the Marina Salud concession expires, the regional government will press the company to comply with its contract conditions, Grimalt was told.  

There was also a possibility that the contract could be rescinded on the grounds that the company had not fulfilled all its obligations, the mayor revealed.



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