British man found asleep on the top of bridge in Malaga

© Twitter.

LOCAL Police spotted a man asleep on top of the German Bridge (Santo Domingo Bridge) in Malaga early on the morning of August 23.

Having no luck in waking him, the police had to call out the local Fire Brigade who used a ladder to reach him. This turned out to be the easy part, as when they finally roused him from what was reportedly a drunken stupor, the 40-year-old Englishman was found to have some difficulty in making himself understood.

It is not known how he managed to climb to the top of the bridge in that condition and then sleep soundly on the top arch which is fairly narrow but it is assumed that he had been a visitor to the feria. He has now been charged with causing a public disorder but has become something of a celebrity on twitter.

The ‘Puente de los Alemanes’  (German Bridge) was a gift from Kaiser Wilhelm II to Malaga in way of thanks for the assistance given to the crew of the shipwrecked frigate Gneisenau.


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