Almanzora Valley villages still waiting for water

© Wikimedia Commons

WITH less than a month to go before time runs out, there has still been no reply from the regional government to requests to create a drinking water network to supply 20 Almanzora Valley municipalities, the provincial council has complained.

Miguel Angel Castellon, provincial council delegate, has complained that more than 17 months have gone by since it asked to be allowed to tap into and manage water from the Negratin reservoir and unless the Junta de Andalucia regional government responds before September 17 the application period will end.

Although the provincial council had decided to stop waiting for financing, which should come out of water bills paid by residents in the area, and get work done itself, Castellon explained that by not responding to the request for permission the Junta was not only failing to solve the problem but also stopping the council from doing so itself.


Meanwhile the mayor of Seron, one of the villages affected, has made a call for political groups to stop arguing and sit down and solve the problem once and for all.



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