Alicante boat fires lead to concerns about safety

© Juan J. Martínez
Alicante port.

FOUR boats have burned at sea in the province of Alicante so far this month. 

The latest explosion took place last Sunday in Benidorm when a fire broke out on a yacht with a family of four on board. The couple and two children were rescued unharmed and it is understood the accident was caused by a fire as a result of an oil explosion.

Most of these fires are caused by technical problems with the boat or fuel. These cases can be avoided to some extent with greater control over maintenance of vessels.

The Maritime Administration said everyone owning a boat should be aware of the importance of maintenance and to ensure the good condition of the vessels. The law requires that technical inspections are conducted periodically; similar to a car’s ITV test. The Maritime Administration issues a certificate to prove it has met safety requirements and anyone renting a boat should ensure the vessel has the necessary documentation to prove it is safe to be on the sea.


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