A-7 Granada coast motorway to be completed by end of September

© Alberto Loyo / shutterstock
Motorway near completion.

THE last ten kilometres of the A-7 motorway along the Granada coastline will finally be completed at the end of September at a cost of €13.5 million per kilometre.

The tender for this complicated part of the motorway was issued 14 years ago and so important is the completion that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is due to unveil a plaque to commemorate the finishing off of the Mediterranean Motorway.

It should means an end to holdups on the N340 during the summer where even swapping of lanes did little to help as so many trucks journeyed from the coast to the rest of Spain and Europe.


This last stretch has been a problem due to the hardness of the land, which required blasting of the rock, often during the night, which gave local residents cause for complaint. 

The government of the time estimated in 2005 that the cost per kilometre would be under €7 million but in the end, the final cost was nearly double. Delays were numerous, but the current government is now able to confirm the end of the project as it heads towards the next general election.



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