30 horsemen from Almeria denied entry to Malaga Fair


A TROUPE of Almeria horsemen arrived three minutes late to process their permits and were told could not access the Malaga Feria.

They had got up extra early to enjoy the festivities and entertain at the fair in Malaga, prepared and loaded their horses into rented trailers, and set off for the capital of the Costa del Sol.

However, it all ended in great disappointment for these 30 horsemen and their steeds, who, upon trying to enter the site at Cortijo de Torres with their animals, were turned away point blank.


Francisco Bridge is one of the people who form this group, who belong to the riding club The Manolete

He explained that it all happened on the Thursday of the feria, when they arrived at the Puerta del Real. They had to find an office in which to submit documentation and the registration of the animals. However, Francisco said: “We got there at 2.03pm, and the office had closed for lunch at two. We talked to the security personnel, and with the local police, but finally we could not pass. Even to water the horses, we were denied even water for the animals,” recalled the horseman, still upset.



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