Politician’s daughter found carrying MDMA en route to Benicassim festival

© Photo by Luca d’Agostino © Rototom 2015
Benicassim, 17/08/2015 – Sunsplash 2015 – MUSICA / MAJOR LAZER.

THE daughter of Enric Morera, speaker of the Valencian parliament and Compromis party leader, was detained for possessing drugs. 

Police stopped the 20-year-old during a routine control as she drove with friends to the Rototom music festival in Benicassim (Castellon).

Warned that she would be searched, the girl reportedly took six grammes of bagged MDMA ecstasy and a marihuana bud from where they were hidden in her bra.

The drugs were not hers and she was delivering them to friends, for which she would be paid €50, she told the police according to some versions of the incident. Since the drugs exceeded the amount that could be considered for personal consumption, she spent the night in police cells.

“Children give us much joy and occasionally some upsets,” Enric Morera wrote the following day on his Facebook page. “This is a moment of family crisis and I appreciate the gestures of support and respect.” 

His daughter and the other young people with her would have to take responsibility for their actions, he said.


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