Palma resident takes electric supplier to court

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A PALMA resident has reported an electric company for alleged coercion. In the complaint he has presented to the courts, he says that the company with which he has a contract wants him to pay “an abusive and illegal amount of money for no reason.”

His problem began after his house was occupied by a tenant who was eventually evicted for failing to pay the rent and bills, and who illegally connected to the building’s electricity supply for more than two months.

The electricity was cut off and the house can’t be used or rented.


The company, he claims, has verbally, but never in writing, told him he must pay a fine of more than €7,000 if he wants the electric to be reconnected. This is said to be in order to cover illegal connections to the electric supply and any other form of fraud which could be committed by tenants. He says they have told him that if he doesn’t pay, he’ll never have electricity.

However, he says that the only debt the company has informed him of in writing amounts to just €65 and in the same email, he was told that payment would result in reconnection.

He says the last straw was when he found money had been taken from his account without authorisation by the company. He fears that his signature may have been forged for this to go ahead.


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