Full steam ahead for Almeria port to city project

Sea bay with yachts

ALMERIA City’s mayor has decided it’s time to get the ball rolling and outlined timings for a port-city project to make use of the space between the two areas.

Phase one of the project, Mayor Luis Rogelio Rodriguez-Comendador said, needs to be done within the next four years.

In September the city council, Bahia Almeriport Foundation and Port Authorities will be sitting down to sign a collaboration agreement and immediately afterwards plans will be drawn up to be presented to the Town Planning department for approval.

The mayor’s intention is to have the project approved in 2016, the contract awarded in 2017 and for work to begin in late 2017 or early 2018, meaning it should be complete by 2018-2019.

What remains to be seen is the exact use the area will be given. Over the years ideas placed on the table have included parks and gardens and a shopping and restaurant area, yet at the moment nothing has been decided, the mayor said.


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