Demand for chemotherapy in Almeria district hospitals

Pic credit: National Cancer Institute – Wikimedia Commons

A GROUP of Partido Popular councillors are demanding that Almeria Province’s district hospitals are provided with chemotherapy units for cancer patients.

The hospitals of La Inmaculada in Huercal Overa and Poniente hospital in El Ejido are not equipped with chemotherapy treatment units and PP councillors have criticised Andalucia’s new Health Minister Aquilino Alonso for his lack of knowledge about the issue. Their criticism stems from the minister commenting on the importance of all Andalucian patients being able to access equal treatment to services while seemingly being unaware of the needs of cancer patients locally.

PP councillor Rosalia Espinosa claims that there are almost 1,300 new cases of cancer that have been diagnosed this year in the province and more than 7,000 cancer patients currently. She also pointed out that the number of cancer specialists needs to increase as much as the number of chemotherapy treatment units as there are too few to serve local demands.


The councillors are therefore demanding that the Andalucia regional Health Service offers all who need it access to local chemotherapy and cancer treatment.



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