Benidorm issues 30 fines to mobility scooter drag racers

Credit Phasmatisnox/Wikimedia

BENIDORM police are cracking down on mobility scooter drag racing, handing out around 30 fines in the last month to able-bodied people misusing the vehicles.

The fines ranging from €50 to €90 were introduced after the local council were informed that people were hiring the mobility aids because they are cheaper than taxis.

Benidorm has now placed a ban on their hire by people under 55 who have no physical disability. Scooters must also be logged with the local council and carry an identification number.


Locals and visitors have reported numerous cases of scooter races, often with the drivers in fancy dress, along the streets of the resorts.


  1. Hi There, we visit twice a year! & this act is long over due!! the amount of idiots, & non didabled!! (shocking) if you require a scooter! show your blue card!! & have it displayed. WELL DONE BENIDORM COUNCIL.”!! I doth my cap to all involved, keep up the good work,


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