Expert issues fertility wakeup call


A LEADING gynaecologist and fertility expert believes that women should have fertility checks at the age of 25 and that most 30-year-olds should consider freezing their eggs, almost as an insurance policy for later on.

The doctor said all too often he sees women who have left it too late to try and conceive and face the devastating reality they may not be able to have a family.

Changing your lifestyle habits however can help boost and prolong a woman’s fertility so to improve your chances try avoiding the following:

Smoking: It accelerates the rate of egg loss and is also often associated with an increased risk of miscarriage.

Stress: Highly stressful situations can affect a woman’s hormones and resulting ovulation in the woman.

Caffeine: High levels of caffeine consumption (the equivalent of around five cups of coffee a day) have been associated with decreased fertility.

Medications: Women on regular medication who want to fall pregnant should discuss with their doctor the treatment they are on as some medications can affect fertility such as anti-depressants and steroids.

The expert said that fertility data shows women who want to conceive naturally need to start by the age of 32 at the latest if they want one child, earlier for more.


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