‘Spanish plume’ sends hot and humid front towards UK

Bidgee - Wikimedia Commons
Approaching thunderstorm

SPAIN is sending a dose of hot weather towards the UK, expected to hit on Saturday (August 22), although accompanying it is speculation over possible tornadoes, and likely thunderstorms.

The ‘Spanish plume’ is a front of hot and humid weather which occurs when the high altitude jet stream dips, pushing Spain’s summer heat into northern Europe. When that hot air meets the UK’s usual chillier Atlantic weather, the result can mean thunder and heavy rain, often sending down big chunks of hail and can even generate tornadoes.

Over the weekend, London is expected to see temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius, with the weather cooling and getting windier as you move north. The thundery showers are most likely to be seen in Wales and parts of England, said the Met Office, although the forecasters also say they’ll be updating information throughout the day if storms are serious enough to merit weather warnings.


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