New plans for San Pedro’s empty bus station


AFTER saying San Pedro’s empty bus station would be turned into a youth centre, the council has changed its mind again and is now considering making it a tourist office.

Plans for the premises, which the previous council built to house a bus station, have still not been agreed but studies have found they are not big enough for all the activities proposed for a youth centre.

Now, San Pedro Culture, Education and Historical Heritage councillor Rafael Piña has said the building has been suggested to house a tourist information office. The location is good as it is at the town entrance when coming from Marbella, and large signs would be used to attract visitors seeking information, he said.

Whether or not the building is finally put to this use, Peña declared, San Pedro needs and will be given a tourist office in the near future.


  1. I note that our new counselor for culture, and education has promised a tourist office for San Pedro,
    but what happened to the one next door to the police office?
    Morris Bishop


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