Driving in Spain: Have you got your spare glasses with you?


THERE is often some confusion over the things that you need to carry in your car in Spain and apart from the obvious such as proof of ID, insurance and ownership, there are other things that are compulsory and can attract fines if ignored, including the not so well-known ‘not having a spare pair of eye glasses.’

Spanish-registered vehicles with four wheels or more need to carry two warning triangles, although foreign-registered cars need only carry one. In addition, if you wear glasses then you are required to have a spare pair available at all times.

Apart from this, a high-visibility jacked should be carried in the car and must be worn at all times in the event of a breakdown and exit from the vehicle.

All British-registered cars need to have a GB sticker if their number plate doesn´t contain the EU identifier and if right-hand drive, lights must be converted so that they do not blind oncoming cars. It is illegal for a driver to use a mobile phone in the car unless it is fitted with a hands-free kit and radar detectors are banned, although GPS systems which plot the location of cameras are still allowed.

The rules are fairly simple, but if you do find yourself on the wrong end of the fine, there is normally a significant discount if you pay quickly.


  1. This article is not completely correct. The law regarding carrying a spare pair of glasses has been changed. This is not a requirement by law, but now it is only advisory to carry a spare pair, and you cannot be fined for not having spares in the glove box. You can only be fined if you are driving without them maybe because you broke them and this is why it is advised that a spare pair should be carried. Check out the N332 facebook page and their website for the real rules of the road.


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